26 September 2008

Recent Events

It's been a long, relatively stressful, and productive week. I guess we must be in school. Tonight's plan was to go watch a film at International Cinemas called "After Life" when you translate it into English. It looks like a cross between Final Cut and a C.S. Lewis book, and I really am interested in seeing it. It was showing at 5:30 tonight, but rather than leaving our apartment and walking up to campus at that time, we got in bed and took a 2-hour nap. It felt really good. The movie shows again tomorrow at 3:45. I hope we actually make it then. By the way, this is what Jeremy looks like when he's sleeping. I took it on a Sunday after church. I think he looks very nice.

My class's Thursday field trip this week was a tour of Deseret Mills. It was really interesting. One again, they make the flour and packaged products that I test. Flour mills are way cooler than I realized, though. The facility was 5 stories tall full of huge shaking machines and screens that separated out the flour, and we got to learn how the whole process worked. The only thing that made me sad was how they mix their grade 1 and grade 2 flours together. Because they are making it for the church welfare system, it doesn't have to be perfect and the mixture of the two produces an okay-looking only slightly grey flour. But the grade 1 flour looked so beautiful before they mixed it! I thought it was sad that they mixed it in with the crappy stuff to settle for what is only a moderately attractive flour. In all honesty, though, I'm sure most people don't notice. I bring the flour home after we test it, and it is what we use at home and works just fine.

Our garden is giving us HUGE zucchini. When we planted it we tilled the entire flour bed right next to the house, but only needed half of it for our vegetables. Our neighbors saw the tilled half and mentioned an interest of planting a garden of their own, so I left the spot open. After two or three months past and they didn't do anything on it, I took the liberty of scattering 6 random packets of seeds I bought in Moscow for 10 cents a piece just so that we could have something there to water other than weeds. It looks like a ragmuffin weed flower garden, but the individual flowers are quite beautiful. Jeremy took some pictures. Soon we should have some sunflowers
growing as well.

I was also excited this week to finally get Mac Office 2008. It's surprising how frustrating it is not to have Microsoft Word on a computer. I'd been using Google Documents to take notes in class and write papers, and it just does not work nearly as well. My computer also became pretty useless when there was no internet access. A praying mantis found it's way into our house one night as well. It was very entertaining to watch. We watched the Office this Thursday as well. We've been looking forward to it starting again for months now. It was sadly disappointing, actually. We realized that without cable we'd forgotten how annoying commercials were...and that we think we like Arrested Development better as a TV show. This Saturday both of us have tests to take. I have a Food Commodities Processing Test and Jeremy has Organic Chemistry. I also have three tests next week. That makes a test in every single one of my classes that actually has tests within the next week. At least there is no Kids on the Move this week, so I have an extra 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday night to study and figure things out. Also, we found a praying mantis in our house. It is very neat.

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