28 September 2009

First Interview

I just bought a plane ticket to go to St. Louis for an interview on Nov 3 at Washington University Medical School. Cool. Its my first (of hopefully many) interviews to get into med school. May it prove fruitful.


23 September 2009

Why Baby Humans Make the Worst Pets

  • Baby humans are not very furry.

  • They cry, and their cries are not as cute or pleasant as those of other mammals.

  • Every other pet you can simply go out and buy. You have lots of options to choose from. To get a baby human, you have to GROW it yourself. In fact, it takes two people to initiate growth of a baby human. You have to wait nine months until it is done growing. During that time they like to punch and claw at your insides. You even have to pay someone to supervise getting the baby human out of your body. Apparently it hurts. You only get one choice of which one is yours. It tends to look like you. If you're ugly, this might be a problem.

  • If you don't want to grow your own baby human, it is very expensive. Lots of people and lots of laws get involved.

  • Baby humans take several years to learn to go to the bathroom in the correct manner. Puppies and kittens and even rats can be taught in a matter of weeks. Baby humans require a sack strapped to their private parts, so they can poop and pee it it and get it smeared all over themselves only to have you clean it up, throw away the sack, and put a new one on.

  • Baby humans require clothing. Usually.

  • Baby humans require expensive protective equipment, such as car seats and strollers rather than leashes. Some people choose to leash up baby humans, but it is necessary that they first must be able to walk. This business of learning to walk can take a baby human up to a year.

  • Baby human beds tend to be more expensive than dog beds, and take up less space. Also, baby humans cannot get into their bed by themselves.

  • You cannot leave a baby human at home alone.

  • Baby humans do not sleep through the night. Therefore, when you have one, neither do you.

  • Baby humans cannot automatically swim. Or breathe underwater.

  • Baby humans are picky about food. At first they like to suck it out of you. Later they like to make a mess when you feed it to them. If they don't like it, they won't eat it. They are not okay with eating the same thing every day.

  • The better-behaved your baby human is, the better a person people think you are. This can be very stressful if you have a misbehaving baby human.
I want a puppy.

19 September 2009

15 September 2009

The Resistance - Muse

I had to stop studying for an hour and a half today so I could dedicate all my attention to listen to Muse's new album The Resistance I bought today.

It was awesome.


10 September 2009

Buggy Stuff Again

So last week Sam and I went to the shop for a few hours after work. We were able to finish the wiring and finish welding the frame. There were still a few leaky hoses to deal with. Tonight, we changed the spark plugs, cleaned/fixed the carbs, refitted the coolant lines, and improved the fuel line. We cranked the engine over and nothing happened. We knew we had spark, nothing was leaking so we couldn't figure it out. We found a wire dangling when it shouldn't have been and plugged it back in. This time it started. It ran on all cylinders and started up quickly. It sounds a little rough still because we need to adjust the exhaust a bit. Otherwise, everything is great. So that feels good. Every thing else is pretty minor, like putting the racing harnesses and the floor in.

It should be drivable soon.