02 September 2008

First day of classes Fall 2008

This morning I went to work as usual but at noon I went home to shower and eat lunch and then go to class. Work consisted of me climbing into one of those shelving units on the back of a pickup truck to cut the old shelving mount out of it with a cutoff air tool. I reiterate the climbing into part of the story. Its 52 inches deep and 22 inches wide, just enough space to wiggle into on your stomach. Once inside I could turn just a little to get a good angle to cut with. I spent nearly two hours with my upper torso burrowed into this unit with my legs dangling out the side. Once inside I maneuvered the grinder to remove several welds along the walls. Then wielding a crowbar and sleever I would pry the mounts out. That was fun. You may wonder why I had to do this. The truck belongs to the plumbing shop. The latches on the drawers came loose while the driver was at the football stadium. As he went around the corner the drawers slid out (as they are prone to do) and hit one of the stadium's pillars. The two foot pillars ripped the drawers out of the truck.

So then I went and got ready for school. Today I had a recitation section for Chem 352 (which I am repeating) Christian History, and the organic chem lab with the infamous Mrs. Hinshaw. I think I had a good beginning though. Classes should go better this year. Things are settled down and I feel more focused. I will most likely drop Christian History, although it seems like a very interesting class, as MFG 130 Modern Manufacturing fulfills my credit balance this semester. I only kept Christian History on there in case the MFG 130 lab doesn't jive with my schedule as a backup. We'll see how that turns out tomorrow. For now, I should study for class before I fall behind. I almost feel productive. :)

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