05 September 2008

Incoming Parts

Ok so here are some parts I have recieved of late.
These are the Hubs and spindles that will replace the broken ones. They are larger and will take much more abuse. They are trailer hubs with a 4 on 4 bolt pattern to fit our wheels. The miata rotors should slip right on to them as well. Then we just have to make a kingpin bracket to hold the caliper and attatch to the A-arms. I think I will add a zerk grease fitting so we can lube them without getting too dirty.

These are the master cylinders. The one on the left is the brake cylinder and is 7/8 of and inch bore. This pushes the brake fluid to the two front Miata calipers and the single CB750 rotor in the rear. It should have a much better brake feel than the small Master Cylinder of the motorcycle (mounted upside down...oops :) ) on the rear rotor only. The one on the right is 3/4 inch for the clutch. This replaces the clutch cable to the engine. More on that later. These will be attatched with 3/16 inch hard brake line to the calipers.


Barbie said...

you make me smile!!

Adrienne said...

Hi Alexandria and Jeremy. Kristi Thompson just had her twins. you should check them out! thompsontalesandtidbits.blogspot.com


Kevin Anderson said...

Have you talked with Grandpa about the possibility of pulling the buggy to Utah?