21 November 2009

Second Outing at 5 Mile Pass

Today we took out second outing with the Ninja 750 powered buggy. Not so much drama this time which is good. The new axle and shocks worked really smoothly.

Sam and Michelle taking off:

The buggy:
From Buggy Build 2.0

From Buggy Build 2.0


-the 720p videos will be up shortly as well. You can see the HD cam mounted on the rear roll bar.

07 November 2009

Satisfy the Craving

Today I made "Better than Sex" cake even better.

Betty Crocker titles their website's recipe "Better Than Almost Anything Cake." Maybe they don't agree with the standard viewpoint...makes me think they've probably never tried it. It was AMAZING. So rich I couldn't even finish my piece. Crazy! Typically the cake starts with a box cake, but instead I used my best-ever made-from-scratch chocolate cake recipe and topped it with homemade hot fudge sauce rather than the canned stuff. Yum yum yum. If you live nearby, we still have plenty. Stop by for a piece. We're willing to spread the love ;)

Also, I wanted to mention that it's been quite beautiful here lately and I'm loving it. I hope winter never comes. I could die happy going through the rest of my life and never seeing snow again, I think. Speaking of dying, I wanted to mention that I love cemeteries. Love them. I've been thinking about that lately. The Provo cemetery is one of my favorite places to run, but I hadn't been there in a long time because you can't go there at night (I guess I should specify that I only like cemeteries during the DAY--they creep me out in the dark because I am one of the most paranoid and easily scared people you will ever meet) and recently it's been dark by the time we've been getting up to go running in the morning. However, I got the chance again one afternoon a week ago or so and remembered my previous sentiments.

I think I like them so much mainly because my father does. I remember walking through a particularly beautiful one once--full of chirping birds and nests full of eggs and flowers and trees and sunlight--and having him tell me how peaceful he feels they are. I totally agree. It's a sad peaceful feeling, but comforting nonetheless. Knowing that they are happy now. That they have gone on to a better place. I especially love when there are interesting tombstones, or when there are pictures of loved ones or temples on the carefully carved granite. I just think that they're beautiful... And while they might be sad for some, they provide a way of connecting and remembering those that have passed on. My father always said he wanted to be buried in a sack and have a tree planted on his head. I think that would be nice. I would like to become a part of the earth again someday. I think it's ridiculous that we try to preserve our dead useless bodies for so long. If they're not helping anyone (organ transplants, cadavers, etc) they might as well become part of the living entity that we live within once more. The only reason tombstones are good is to serve as a memorial for those of us that are still here. But if you really think about it, couldn't nature do the same so much better?

Jeremy and I have realized that we are both looking forward to moving on to the next stage of our lives. For him, that should be Medical School. For me, who knows what is in store? I am applying for grad school, but med school takes precedence. So maybe my sought-after degree. Maybe a job. Certainly a dog. I would love to also have a cat. With luck, possibly even two bedrooms.

Also, I like songs with "happy chords." I suggest you all go listen to Michael Franti & Spearhead sing "Say Hey."