31 August 2008

Starting Up

I was told at work that I should get a blog now that I'm married, because apparently that is what married people do. It sounded like a good enough idea so I'm trying it out. We'll see if I get into it or not, and if anyone reads it :) Jeremy and I decided that we might as well do it together, so here goes.

It's been a good and interesting summer. A lot of changes have occurred. I think the biggest change occurred May 16 when Jeremy and I got married in the Sacramento temple. That was quite a wonderful day. We went on a cruise down to San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico for our honeymoon. It was fun and I liked it, yet at the same time I'm not sure I'd ever do a cruise again. There were certainly entertaining parts such as going to the zoo together in San Diego (it was overcast that day which was perfect because all the animals were actually out), an amusing comedy show, and a midnight chocolate buffet that made us both feel quite sick when followed by the rocking of the boat. However, it seems that on a cruise most of your time is spent trying to find something to do to entertain yourself until the time for the next thing you actually want to do rolls around. So I think that one was enough for me.

The rest of the summer was pretty much spent working and running. Jeremy and I were lucky enough to work it out so that we had the same hours for work, and spent a lot of spare time training for a marathon we're running next Saturday (September 6th). It will be our first marathon so the goal is merely to finish and not necessarily to win. It should be fun. I've always wanted to run one. Jeremy has agreed to join me.

Other occurrences throughout the summer included taking a swimming class (Jeremy took beginning swimming and I took intermediate) mainly for complicated financial aid purposes, me taking a cake decorating class at Michaels, having a wedding reception in Moscow, Idaho (my hometown) in June, and Jeremy's dad getting a successful heart transplant (for which everyone is very grateful).

School starts next Tuesday. I don't actually have classes the first day of class due to the fact that my only class on Tuesdays is a lab and we don't have it the first week. Neither one of us are terribly excited to go back, but at least it will be something to do. Four months of only working sounded like such a vacation, but there really are only so many books you can read and so many movies you can watch before you get bored. I'm sure we will be plenty busy soon. We are both taking 15 credits, and found a place to volunteer on Tuesday nights watching kids while parents take evening classes. It should be fun and we're hoping that the semester goes well for us. At least this year we are guaranteed a quiet place to study :) I absolutely love our apartment. It's cute, wonderful and close to campus.

So I guess that's about all for now. We'll see how posting goes in the future.