26 April 2010


First of all dear lovely blog-reader friends, I realized I have been a silly person for the last few months. I enabled comment moderation but thought I had set it up to e-mail me when someone commented on our blog. Therefore, for the past 4 posts I simply figured no one loved me. I just found out that people actually HAD been commenting today...and published them. Let's just say I'm taking that little feature off and thank you so much for reading/commenting! Yay. People do love us after all!!! :)

Second of all, I thought it was worth mentioning that my lover and I finished college. Look how cute we are!!!  

It was super fun.  Both of our families came.  Activities consisted of dinners, two lovely beautiful bike rides with my parents and I, going to the graduation ceremonies (duh), a tumbling birthday party for Caitlin, hanging out at our apartment, RUNNING A HALF MARATHON, and more.  I must say that racing through the Thanksgiving Point tulip gardens, golf course, and past a bunch of moo-ing cows was beautiful and wonderful.  The weather was exactly perfect, and I got a free stretch/massage at the end.

Jeremy loves me.  He bought me a scooter!  Isn't she beautiful!?!?!  It's a blue 2006 Yamaha Vino 125cc.  I LOVE it and I'm even legal driving a motorcycle now.  I never thought that would happen.  When we first got married I promised Jeremy that he would never own a motorcycle due to their dangerosity.  Now I can't really talk.  I expect he'll have one in a few months.

So we're done.  I start my job next Monday.  Jeremy finds out next month whether he gets into Washington Medical School this year or needs to reapply next year and makes a job decision accordingly.  And it's summer!

Look at my rat in the flowers.  Even she's excited.

16 April 2010


I am done done done done done done done with finals and BYU. Yay. Very exciting. What will I do at work with no more homework? :) Jeremy is five finals and therefore five days away. Double yay. My best friend Erin comes to visit me starting tonight. Triple yay. 2nd to last day at Nestle...!

01 April 2010

Happy April Fool's Day

I'm PREGNANT!!! I'm so excited. We just found out on Monday. It will be the first grandchild for both of our parents. Adrienne, my sister, and my parents are thrilled. We were going to call Jeremy's parents to tell them the news, but we realized they were on a cruise out of the country and therefore without cell service...so we figured that we'd just announce it this way since we know they read our blog. Let's just say I'm expecting a few phone calls. Maybe if it's a girl we'll name her Camila...haha. Too bad our health insurance through BYU expires April 26th thanks to graduation! Lol. Something will work out though. It always does.

In other great news I had a job interview for Quality Control Manager at VMI Nutrition on Tuesday that I feel went really well. I'm hoping to get it! I should find out in two weeks. I feel like this will be a better deal for us than Nestle anyway, even though I was pretty bummed about missing that opportunity. We could move to SLC and get a pre-trained year old lab puppy, and Jeremy could work doing the same research that he's been doing for his professor. Maybe we could even end up with a DISHWASHER or WASHER AND DRYER!!! I'm really excited about the prospect of working for them if they choose to offer me the job. I hope they do. They even offer DENTAL and 401K matching up to 4%. Even if I only end up putting a few thousand in, I have over 40 years until we will need it and by then it could be a LOT more. Of course, we are still hoping that Jeremy gets into St. Louis. Either way, I'm sure what is supposed to happen will and I'm looking forward to May when we have a better idea of what that is. I must say that the waiting game really sucks! I'm happy though that at least things are moving forward, going well, and that we are almost done with school :) Just think. In 9 months we could be real people!