21 March 2009

Family and Friends

Jeremy's birthday was last week. I got him a free gourmet burger at Red Robin and we went out to dinner, then we went to Sears where he was able to pick out some tools he wanted before coming home to eat the amazingly rich chocolate cake I made him. The balloons are Reeses Pieces eggs and the dots are M&Ms. His present from me was a new pair of Saucony running shoes :)

On Sunday my family came into town. They actually met us at church. My mom called me to find me and said they were in the building. Everyone was dressed up except for Andrew; he said he didn't believe the family would really go to church so he didn't bring clothes. He showed up in sweat pants and bright green shoes with his typical Andrew hair. The visit was really quite a fun one. My grandma drove up from St. George with three of my cousins, and my cousin Allison who goes to BYU met up with us. I was able to feed my family for lunch and EVERYONE for dinner. It was a LOT of food. Andrew, in particular, eats a lot :) I mean a LOT. We made pasta and salad for lunch and beef tostadas for dinner. Andrew ate about 8 peanut butter sandwiches, two donuts, some cake, and I'm sure more in addition to that. I was amazed that we were able to fit 12 people into our apartment and have enough seating and food for everyone, especially with four teenage boys. Below are some pictures of the experience, including one in particular of Andrew's crazy hair.

During the trip, Austin was able to get all of the clothes he needed for his mission. He goes into the MTC on Tuesday the 25th to learn Spanish and eventually end up in the Leon, Mexico mission. Andrew bought a long board from a pawn shop. We were all able to go out to dinner for Jeremy and my birthday, and we were able to spend quite a bit of time together. I spent a lot of time trying to get ahead on homework so that I actually could spend time with my family, and I think I did a pretty good job. Now I have some grading to catch up on.

I applied for three internships this week. Hopefully I'll be able to get one of them. Two are at Welfare Square in Salt Lake, and one is an internship for Nestle Stouffers in Springville. I would prefer Springville simply to avoid having to drive to Salt Lake. Also, there is a deal in my public speaking class where if we write an editorial and get it published in the Daily Universe, we don't have to take the final for the course. I submitted one on Wednesday evening and it showed up in the paper Friday. Yay!!! On Thursday I went to a gathering where my old roommate opened her mission call. It's still kind of strange to me that I'm turning 21 and definitely not going on a mission. Sometimes I still wonder to myself whether or not I want to go before I realize that I already made that decision. I was able to meet up with all of my roommates from last year except for one, which was really fun. She's going to New York, New York South. Bermuda is part of her mission, which is really quite neat.

Today was a beautiful day. We hiked the Y with our friends Zac and Jessica Weist. I posted some pictures for your enjoyment. Right now I am trying to make homemade Girl Scout Samoas. It is quite the process. Jeremy just finished fixing the tail light on our car. It was burned out and therefore our right blinker was going double time. Quite annoying. I guess that's about it. Look for another post in a few months ;)