07 March 2010

Dorky Things I Want for My Birthday

1) A leash for the dog I am going to run with soon (i.e. when I get a dog). I would of course want purple or black. You may click on the picture to link to the site if you're curious. That way I can look like a dork but still at least get to use my arms!

2) HUGE containers to store flour and sugar and such. Like the containers Barbie has.

3) Good makeup. Nice makeup. Including concealer, foundation and eyeshadow. I have no idea where to start. I buy the cheapest stuff I can find at the grocery store. It's just not doing it for me anymore.

4) THIS sexy running skirt in fuschia with THIS matching shirt of course :) I'd go medium.

5) A chocolate lab/pointer mix like this one of course. Yes, I know that's not possible JUST yet. In 3 months maybe, though?

I think that's enough fantasizing for one day.

01 March 2010

I feel like I've found myself again

I went running today and listened to the number one song that gets me high. Winters leave me feeling like I'm drowning. That feeling of anger and hopelessness was particularly exacerbated this past week and weekend. After an amazing workout, a little sun, and a little thinking, I finally feel better.

I saw the woman I want to be in 5 years as I floated back down the trails of melting snow at Rock Canyon. She was a blond hiker in shining pigtails--athletic and cute dressed in black flared hiking pants and with a hat pulled over her braids. In front of her were two of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. She let me pet them and further feed my hunger for a dog. One was a full grown Alaskan husky. But her puppy--oh her puppy!--was bred part wolf part Siberian husky. That would be my dream. To partially own a wolf. However, that dream does not fit well with my other dream to never live in a climate cold enough that a dog like that would be happy. A retriever will have to do.

Today I will sign up to run through fields of tulips with my husband for (hopefully) 20 minutes less than two hours on April 24. I sure hope it's sunny that day. It will be our first race as official graduates of Brigham Young University. A very long victory lap. Looking forward to it.