01 September 2008


So of course it decided to rain labor day weekend. Most of my life it has, I just didn't expect it to happen in Provo, Utah where it has been so sunny and warm all summer. The weather forecast did predict it, but when they predicted rain for two weeks straight in July I believe it only rained for maybe a total of three hours. It is kind of funny that the rain makes me homesick because rain all of the time is exactly what I hate about Moscow.

It's just kind of hard to go back to school without seeing my family first. Even last year when I came out to summer term I got two months of parents and siblings to myself before I had to make it through to December. This summer I got less than a week with them--two stressful days in May in Sacramento while I was busy trying to get married and keep people happy (an impossible task by the way) and four days in Moscow in June with Jeremy and his parents trying to get ready for another reception while everyone was in town to be entertained and my mother was busy making a million cakes and trying to get everything else ready. Of course it rained the whole time...Moscow wouldn't want to let Jeremy see it sunny. I can't really blame the city though. I knew that my hometown only likes to participate in the season most people refer to as summer for about a month each year.

I just feel kind of sad that I don't know when I'll see them again. The first opportunity we'll most likely have is Christmas. Christmas is my least favorite time to be home so I don't know if we'll go. Austin is going on a mission soon so we're guaranteed he'll come out before that, but I don't think it will be until February or March that he actually leaves as he is not putting in his papers until November. The hardest part has just been seeing Jeremy's family so much while I never see mine at all.

The rain ruined our camping trip. We did not get to go once this summer. We had planned it several times and it never worked out. The most recent plan was to go this Friday-Saturday for a last summer hurrah until we learned that Jeremy's mother was coming into town for Sam and Michelle's open house and we decided to stay and spend time with her.

Anyway, we decided that we could still go camping Sunday-Monday after church. The rain decided for us that we weren't. We packed everything into the car, drove up the canyon and were ready to go to the campsite when the thunderstorm struck and turned around and drove home. Maybe we'll get to go later this month or next summer.


Merry said...

My plans to hike Timp this morning were canceled too. Bummer.

Barbie said...

I'm so glad you and Jeremy have a blog. It will be nice to see how you are doing through the world of cyberspace. Sorry I ruined your plans of camping, but I was so happy to see you and visit your adorable apartment. Your couch was a very comfortable mattress. Thanks!