10 September 2008


I am sitting in my commodities class right now and should be paying attention, but unfortunately I am not. I'm sure I'll have questions about the benefits and means of chlorinating and cleansing water later on. I'll face that later.

We ran our marathon last Saturday. We finished! It took us a long time and it was sooo hard. I swear that's the most I've ever hurt in my life. We'll have to see in 4 years or so how it compares to having a baby. By then, though, I'm sure I will have forgotten what it felt like and the pain childbirth will win out. It's probably more painful anyway. While you can always remember that an experience hurt, it's very hard to remember the actual feeling of pain later on. I'm sure that is the only reason anyone ever has another child or runs another marathon. Now that four days later I finally feel okay again, I'm glad we did it :)

I bought a macbook yesterday. It came with the promise of a rebate for a free ipod touch (so I bought one of those as well) and a free 3-in-one printer (which I intend to sell as I already have the older version of the same printer). I'm really excited about it, but I also feel REALLY guilty. Especially since today my old computer actually seems to be working fairly well. I'm regretting upgrading when the old one works relatively fine. Also, one of my complaints about my old one was that it was too heavy to practically bring to class...but I just found out it only weighs .5 pounds more than the Macbook I just bought. I'm pretty much just stressed about spending money on a luxury for myself. It's also always annoying with new technology to transfer all the pictures, music, programs, etc. that you liked on the old computer to the new one. I still have to find a way to get office for Mac as well. Currently the bookstore is sold out.

My justification for spending 1000 dollars on myself is the fact that I was told Monday that I was receiving another unexpected scholarship for more. So that's exciting. I feel kind of bad about getting it considering we no longer need the money. Unfortunately the dinner I'm supposed to go to in order to accept the scholarship falls on the same night that we would need to fly out for Rebecca's wedding. So now I'm going to have to write a biographical sketch so they can read it about me while I'm not there to accept the scholarship in person from the scholarship donor (I would have had to write the sketch anyway). I think I will still go to the wedding, but if I do I will also have three tests the Monday I get back. So I'm sure I will be quite stressed, but in all honesty I would probably be stressed about three tests at the same time anyway even if I did take one on Saturday instead of going to my sister-in-law's wedding.

Classes are going well. They will be work, but doable. Yesterday we went to volunteer for Kids on the Move for the first time. Only one family of four boys showed up, but we had a wonderful time playing with them. Unfortunately we forgot Jeremy's backpack there, so he will have to drive back and get it today. I think that we will enjoy this volunteer project, though. I hope that more kids come in the future.


Merry said...

I saw the sign for that deal in the bookstore and wondered how much it would cost, but didn't go in. So it was $1000? I don't think that I have that much to spend on a computer, especially since my dad's given me his computer to work on, and it's only slightly slower than I want it to be. [Sigh] If only I had money to spare!

Alexandria said...

Yes, it's that much for a macbook. You can get a PC for around 550... I would offer you my old computer, but I doubt it's any faster than your dad's :)

Kevin Anderson said...

I'm sure you will love your MacBook, but it is quite a conversion to go from PC to Mac. I am proud of you and Jeremy for finishing the marathon. That is quite an accomplishment. Do you have any pictures of you at the end?