15 September 2008


I've decided that weekends during the semester are much better than they were pre-married life. It just feels a lot less stressful and a lot more like real life than it did while we were engaged. I really like having Jeremy home all day Saturday. I'm glad that he no longer works at the MTC and that no one other than me wants him Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons; I don't have to fight the missionaries for his time.

This Friday night we went to our Stake Barbeque. It amused me that the meat they were serving was church meat--the stuff they test in the lab next door. At least that means I trust the safety. Jeremy's burger was completely pink in the inside, and he almost considered eating it anyway. Thankfully he decided against it. Safe or not, that's still disgusting. Sam and Michelle were being lazy and didn't come, so we went over to their apartment afterwards, looked at wedding pictures, and watched Stranger than Fiction. I love that movie.

I was excited Saturday morning for the first Saturday in MONTHS that I woke up and didn't have to go running. I instead had an aerobics class. It was much more enjoyable. After training for the marathon it's a relief to have something other than running to do three days a week.

We went to Shopko afterwards. My glasses have some sort of stress fracture in the lenses. We thankfully found out that they are still under warranty, and I get new lenses for free. We went to Target and bought work shirts for Jeremy and curtains. We put them up yesterday and now our bedroom is much more beautiful. Previously our window treatments consisted of broken blinds and a sheet tacked to the wall with pushpins.

We finished the evening with a trip to the dollar theater to see Kung Fu Panda and a late night trip to Taco Bell. It was a good evening and a good weekend. Church has moved to 10:30 for us, so we slept 10 hours Saturday night. I really am liking this whole married thing :)


Barbie said...

Married life is wonderful. I'm so happy that you're so happy. I keep telling Rebecca that things will get better once her and Corey are married. The trials of engagement continue...haha. I look forward to seeing you next month!

Merry said...

Haha! Sleeping 10 hours was a highlight of your weekend? This is so funny to me! And it will probably be even funnier to me when I'm married and agree with you. :)