17 September 2008

Contributing Posts

Alexandria says tells me that I haven't posted in a while, and in a word urged me to contribute. I have been rather busy lately. So far I've been able to turn in all my assignments on time. Many professors however are not very clear with their expectations on assignments though. I made a rule yesterday that I wouldn't work on buggy stuff except on the weekends. I finished my homework earlier than expected last night so I already broke the rule. I have plenty to do schoolwise for the remainder of the week to keep on track. Work is going well. I'm not there as often as I was during the summer obviously so I'm not as involved but still get a lot done. I still feel like a valuable asset to the shop. Ross and I spent some time trying to get some good results on the lathe in the shop. We're always looking for new tools or attachments to make things better.
Last night Alexandria and I volunteered at Kids on the Move in Orem. It was better last night as more kids showed up. The oldest was 7 and they were all boys. We had fun playing with them. Basically we play/babysit the kids while the parents are taking classes to help deal with disabled or socially chanllenged children (they usually dont bring those kids to class).
Sam and I ordered plans to help speed the process of building a frame. I spent several hours this summer on drafting programs and didn't feel like I wanted to model a the entire frame. So we found some plans that will save us a lot of time. We'll most likely have the buggy here in Utah after my sister's wedding in October. Then we can buy steel and start the project. We have a tight budget to stick to, but it should turn out really nicely. At this point I would like to praise the efficacy of Google Docs. They have helped Sam and I tremendously in sharing ideas and procedures.
As of yesterday Alexandria and I have been married for four months. I feel pretty settled into married life and everything is quite good. Even though school can be stressful, while I am at home I feel very relaxed and good spirited.

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