04 October 2008


Our sunflowers finally bloomed! It made me so excited. Ever since I can remember my family has planted sunflowers outside our house every single year...and they have never actually managed to grow. I just scattered a 10 cent bag of seeds and they popped up. It's also kind of cool, because the blue flowers that are on vines crawled around the stems of the sunflowers...but I didn't post that picture because then you could see how weed-like our flower garden really looks. Still, I feel very accomplished.
I got a chance to deep clean our apartment today, which also made me feel better. It's been a few weeks. I had four tests this week, and still have a few assignments to finish up this weekend. It's been BUSY. I was hoping to get everything done so I could actually have a little bit of a weekend. I didn't finish all of it, but I'm going to end up doing a lot less studying than last weekend, which makes me happy. Last week I felt ready for Saturday on Tuesday. It's raining in Provo. I think that's on purpose so that people would stay inside and watch conference. I was hoping the weather would at least have the sense to stop when it's over, but I guess the boys need to go to their session too. After watching conference I went to Shopko and got new lenses for my glasses. The old ones had these weird stress fractures all around the outside of the lenses. The optometrists said it was because the lab had made lenses slightly too large for the frames, and that it wasn't my fault. Luckily they were still under warranty. The lady who helped me was even so nice to straighten them on my face and put new smaller nose pads on so they actually cover my eyes instead of sitting right below them! So that's exciting. I came home to find Jeremy cutting his own hair, so I decided to help even though he was doing a perfectly fine job on his own. I want to get my hair cut, but I've been a little too lazy recently. I wonder what would happen if I tried to cut my own hair...I'm not sure it's worth it.

I made this cow cookie for fun last night. I thought I would share.


Merry said...

Xan! I heard that you stopped by, but I forgot to call you today! Dang it! But I will call you tomorrow, and we should get together to catch up sometime soon.

AND, I was wondering if I could use this picture of your cow cookie for a blog post I want to do of cow jokes! Can I? Please? :)

Chelsey and Jared Meier said...

Zan! I loved reading your blog. You and Jeremey are such a cute couple. I cannot believe you ran a MARATHON! That is so un-natural. But wow! Props to you! The cow cookie is fun and the flowers are pretty! You are probably the BEST wife, I'm sure! I'm glad we can keep in touch easily through blogs. Love you girl! I'm sorry I've been so awful and calling... I'll get better!!!