25 January 2010

Why are you so abhorred, my little friend?

My dad used to say that squirrels were nothing more than glorified rats with furry tails. I used to see that as an insult to squirrels. I now see it as a compliment to rats. I really think that people would not hate my little rodents so if their tails didn't look like snakes. Maybe I should glue a few feathers on and solve the problem.

To be fair, not everyone loves squirrels. My father once knew an old lady in Moscow who consulted him for legal advice on how she could kill the squirrels in her attic without getting in trouble. She HATED them. At the same time, he learned of another man in town who liked to eat squirrels. There was quite some consideration of hooking the pair up--but it never did happen. Sad.

Moral of the story: If you aren't a crazy old lady with squirrels in your attic (which I do admit would be upsetting) and happen to LIKE squirrels yet you find yourself at odds with rats, you should seriously consider the reasons for this foible of yours and see if you can alter your perception. If it takes a few tail feathers, so be it.

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Hua said...

I love squirrels! When I was at school, there were a ton of squirrels on my campus and I would always feed them in attempt to make friends. I'm glad I have found someone who appreciates these animals like I do.

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