06 January 2010

Playing with 3D pictures

We recently went an saw Avatar in 3D. It was a really cool experience. You can make 3D images your self for free. I had come across stereoscopic 3D photos before and wanted to try it myself. Basically, you snap the same photo twice sliding the camera an inch or two to the right after the first picture. Then you place them side by side and correct and alignment issues. To view it in 3D, cross your eyes until the two pictures merge together and the imaginary third photo comes into focus. I can do this fairly easily, but others may struggle with it. It may help after you have isolated the third photo to place your hands about 5-6 inches from your face to block the original two images leaving only the third 3D image in view. Anyway, I think it turned out alright. I didn't play with the photos much so they're not the best quality. This is the bike I got last April. It has almost 400 miles on it. I hope to put 500 on it in the year I've had it. As I get some better 3D photos I'll keep posting them if people think they are cool. This is my first shot at it.

I made it small to fit on this narrow blog frame. Clicking on the picture will link to the larger picture in a different window. It may help you concentrate better.

It is important that you do not use the flash for both photos. For best results put your camera in manual mode, so the exposure and settings to not change between each shot. For tips you do this your self visit this webpage:

I hope it works for you.
1. Click to get the larger picture

2. Cross your eyes (maybe stare at your finger a few inches in front or your face. The third photo will appear but will be out of focus. Then try to focus on the image with out uncrossing your eyes. This may be uncomfortable, but I assure you it won't cause any lasting damage. You may need to move towards or away from the screed to get it right)

3. Focus on the third apparition between the two original photos. Don't leave the mouse cursor on either of the images, that will be very distracting. It should pop, and you will see very distinct layers in the photo(s). It doesn't look quite natural, but it is cool.

4. If needed, move both hands a few inches in front of your face, to isolate the middle image.

5. Enjoy the scenery of our apartment. Try making one yourself. Its cool.


(obviously, I am focusing my energies on my classes for my last semester right...?)