10 September 2009

Buggy Stuff Again

So last week Sam and I went to the shop for a few hours after work. We were able to finish the wiring and finish welding the frame. There were still a few leaky hoses to deal with. Tonight, we changed the spark plugs, cleaned/fixed the carbs, refitted the coolant lines, and improved the fuel line. We cranked the engine over and nothing happened. We knew we had spark, nothing was leaking so we couldn't figure it out. We found a wire dangling when it shouldn't have been and plugged it back in. This time it started. It ran on all cylinders and started up quickly. It sounds a little rough still because we need to adjust the exhaust a bit. Otherwise, everything is great. So that feels good. Every thing else is pretty minor, like putting the racing harnesses and the floor in.

It should be drivable soon.


1 comment:

Barbie said...

Sooooo cool. You'll need to video the sound of the buggy...so i can feel like i'm there.