12 July 2009

Mini Princess Apron

I discovered last week that DI sells clear grab bags of fabric for $3 each. It made me so excited! I bought 2 bags of fabric and 1 of ribbon and tulle and such and for 10 dollars got tons of decorations and probably 15-20 yards of random fabric to fuel random projects! :) Last night at the movie theater (we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens--very enjoyable) I saw the cutest little girl wearing a tutu made out of tulle tied to an elastic waistband and thought it was the most adorable thing ever and was thinking "I could make that, but I'd have to buy elastic." Today I saw a little 2 year old girl at church today that I really like and decided I would make her a cute dress-up apron with the stuff. It only took about an hour. She was asleep when I brought it over, so I hope she likes it when she wakes up. I'm really enjoying this new hobby. As fun as baking WITHOUT the dishes or the empty calories. Too bad I still bake... ;)


Moscow Monson's said...

That is so cute!! I have tulle for a tie skirt that's cute, but I need the elastic too. I'm hoping to make one for Elyse's B-day. She turns 4 on Thursday.

Barbie said...

Go girl. What an adorable apron. I haven't been cooking (when I say cooking, i mean the whole recipe thing) for the past month since Kevin has been so sick. But yesterday he felt better and with Rebecca home it seemed like a good idea. I wore my new apron you made me to make dinner and I love it! Green is my favorite color - reminds me of the beautiful earth in spring and fall. And purple is the color of gorgeous year-round aflowers. I made our beloved chocolate chips cookies and invited Kevin's brother, Daren and family over. We ate to our content and enjoyed the beautiful Sunday night sky.

Corey Stipp said...

Hey nice to hear from you, yeah I cam across your blog via Kevin & Barbie's. I am new to the whole blogging things but I have admit I really am enjoying it so far! I look forward to reading your and Jeremy's : )