16 December 2008

Winter Break

It's officially winter break for me. I went a little crazy and took all four of my finals yesterday. Actually, I had finished three of them by 10:30 in the morning and then took the last one at 6:00 at night. They all went well despite the rush, though, so that's good. Jeremy won't finish until Thursday night. Friday we'll hopefully leave for Moscow!!! We're planning on driving almost halfway there and staying the night in Mountain Home with my friend Suzanne Burnett, then arriving at our destination on Saturday. I wish we could leave now. I spent my first day with nothing to do being utterly lonely and bored while Jeremy went to work. I work tomorrow and Thursday (and possibly Friday morning) but didn't sign up to work today because I didn't think I'd be done with my finals.

It snowed like crazy this morning and then began to melt off about halfway through the day. I drove to the BYU gym to work out and the roads were SO slick! I was going about 15 mph and was still sliding all over the place.

We had a beautiful sunset not too long ago. I took a picture (as you can see), but as I am not much of a photographer you'll have to believe me that it looked way better in real life. Anyway, that's about all we have going on. I cleaned a lot today which makes me feel better about the house. The only thing I didn't do was organize the bookshelf we threw all of our school stuff on this semester. That corner of the room is getting quite crowded as buggy parts come in for Jeremy. We have seatbelts, random metal objects and two very large plastic seats sitting over there in the corner of our SUPER huge apartment.

I'm super excited to go home for Christmas though. Jeremy gets to be with me too this year, which also makes me very happy. Happy Holidays!

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Merry said...

I'm jealous! I'm still working on a take home final and a three-page paper that are both due tomorrow before 12. Then I'll be graduated!