11 November 2008

Its getting dark and cold.

It has been a while since our last post. Alexandria tells me that its my turn. Its been pretty busy here. School is going well despite several projects and assignments. It feels like we have life pretty well managed right now. In the chronological order of events, lets review the past few weeks. On the weekend of the 25 of October we went to California for my sister's wedding. The weather was nice and it felt good to run in shorts and t-shirts. It was a quick but enjoyable trip and the wedding went very well. I am assuming that Rebecca is very happy as I have not heard otherwise as well as the fact that she seemed very happy about the entire process. Quite giddy frankly, which honestly is expected because being married is wonderful. Even with all the pressures of school and work being married now is even better than it was a few months ago. On Sunday it will have been six months that we have been married.

One very exciting thing is that our Grandpa, much thanks to him, brought the broken buggy back to Utah. Sam and I also harvested our tools and brought those back as well. Unfortunately for my parents, most of the good tools were ours. Since then I've been taking measurements and starting on what I can. The front hubs and rotor are set up now after working them on the lathe at work a bit. This also allowed me to get more CAD drawings done. Hopefully soon we can pickup the steel we need and start on the meat of the project. We still have some parts to order but we have almost everything we need to get started.

Next in the order of events was Halloween. We went to a party thrown by some neighbors in our ward. It was really fun and we had a good time. We also went to a not-so-haunted house (I'm not making that up, that is actually what they called it) on campus sponsored by the Civil Engineering department. It was lame in a way only civil engineers can imagine. Afterward, we dropped in on a party by one of Alexandria's coworkers. It was a fun weekend. During the day at school I just wore my work clothes, not really as a costume, but just because I was going to meet Alexandria for lunch at her work and then go straight to mine. For the party I dressed up as a can of tomatoes. Alexandria dressed up as a very cute consistometer, an instrument she uses at work to test the consistency of viscous liquids and suspensions in food products. Her coworkers found it hilariously, while the lay person didn't quite understand, but we won a prize for originality anyway.

Next, came election day. I had already voted two weeks prior by permanent CA voter-by-mail. Obama won and Prop 8 passed by a narrow margin. The protests are still going on. Hopefully, it remains in effect.

It snowed for the first time last week. Not much though. I took a color test online and got a perfect score. Austin, Alexandria's brother is coming to stay with us for a week on thursday. An older lady from Moscow is coming to Utah for a wedding and wanted a second driver. As he is not in school and Moscow's landscaping business has closed its doors for the winter, Austin became the best candidate for the adventure. Its been fun thinking of ways to entertain him while we're at school and work. It should be nice to have him visit. In just a week or two Thanksgiving is here. My parents are coming out. We are all going to go to Coldplay's Viva la Vida concert tour in Salt Lake the saturday before. I am looking forward to having a few days off school and work.

Work is going very well. I like it a lot. I wouldn't choose to do it as a career, but I wouldn't want to do anything else to put myself through school. Its also nice to have a skill that I can fall back on. For this reason Ross is trying to find someone who can certify me. That way, when I apply for a job later in life I can say, I have a B.S. in this, an M.D. from here, and oh yeah...I'm also 4G (all positions, unlimited thickness) certified on E7018 rod. Not that this means anything to a prospective employer, but I think its cool.

And because pictures never look right while I am typing this here they all are.


Savannah said...

Alexandria!!! It was so nice to read your blog to see what you are up to! Sounds like things are going well! We are coming out for a neice who is getting baptized in February - I would love to get as many Moscow kids together for lunch or ice cream or somthing! I will call you when it gets closer!!

Savannah said...

oops I guess I was logged in as Savannah it is really me - Rachel

Moscow Monson's said...

Alexandria! Hey, I see this post is from a couple of weeks back but I was so excited to bump into your spot off of Jackie's that I had to write. I'm glad to see things are going well in Utah. Please call next time you are in town. I'd love to say hi. Take care and Merry Christmas!