11 May 2010

Ethan's Sweet Remote Control Tank

Ethan, a 13-year-old boy Alexandria and I mentor, designed a tank. We were looking for a project to keep us busy without having to find a new activity each week. With his input and help, I built this tank for him. It uses a tethered remote for control and weighs a little over 42 lbs. It is welded from 1/8" steel plate and is very robust. It  literally shakes the ground when on concrete. I finished the mechanical part last week and on Saturday we painted it. Then I finished the wiring. By that time the batteries were running low, so I charged it for a day. These batteries are massive compared to most RC batteries and I am trying to charge them with a 330 mA wall adapter. Its working, but slowly. A car battery charger would work better. As heavy as it is, it definitely moves. Check it out!

The batteries and motors

Ethan's dad joined us to paint it.

If you want to see other big stuff I've made:


rebecca said...

that is sooo cool! love it

Randy said...


That is just TOTALLY a cool tank. One of a kind and formidable. Do you have plans to retrofit it to shoot flames or launch rockets, flares, or arrows? randy

Jeremy said...

If Ethan had his way, it would be all of the above...plus it would spew acid, self-destruct if it falls into the wrong hands, a spy camera, and have a taser. But it also wouldn't be this heavy.