24 August 2009

Mission Beach, CA

Tuesday 18 Aug 2009, from the balcony of 2735 Ocean Front Walk, near Lifeguard stand #10, minutes before sundown.

We got back from our week-long trip to San Diego. It was really nice and we had a really great time. We stayed on a beach house on the boardwalk behind lifeguard hut #10. We made a trip to Disneyland, but mostly stayed near the beach house eating, napping, watching movies, and playing in the waves. We also had some fun riding my parents scooters illegally. On the way home we stayed overnight at Alexandria's aunt's house in St. George. It was a nice way to break up the drive home.

We got home to discover that the freezer door popped open during our vacation, consequently thawing several pounds of frozen meat. We walked in to an overwhelming and gagging odor of incubating bacteria. It smells awful. It still smells awful. We got home on Sunday at 2:38 PM. We walked in our house at 2:39. We stopped cleaning at 4:35 PM. It involved removing everything from the fridge and freezer. We loaded a three garbage bags with rotten meat and washed the containers of everything else we didn't throw away. All the shelves came out and were scrubbed. Afterward they were liberally coated in Lysol spray. The fridge and freezer were sprayed and scrubbed with Tilex Mold and Mildew. Its basically just bleach. Then we moved the fridge and mopped up the juice on the floor. We then mopped the floor...twice. We opened the windows and ran fans outside all night. We sprayed air freshener and vacuumed everything as well. It still smells. Its really bad. Hopefully it goes away soon. I can't take it much longer. The beach house was musty, but way better than this.
Poppy, we brought the rats with us.
The twin beds we pushed together. We actually liked this set up. Alexandria made her bed. I let mine breathe a little. She also couldn't steal my sheets as she had her own set. Still, our bed at home is so much more comfortable.


Merry said...

Haha! I LOVE that you pushed twin beds together! That's so fun.

Corey Stipp said...

Awesome San Diego sunset pictures! Hope you guys had a great time